The Life Guards Association

The Life Guards Association was formed in 1928 after the amalgamation of The 1st and 2nd Life Guards after which they were called "The Life Guards (1st and 2nd)" until 1928 when they were renamed "The Life Guards".

Since 1945 the Regiment has served wherever the British Army has been in action including tours in Palestine, Cyprus, the Far East, BAOR, Northern Ireland, The Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Life Guards formed a union with The Blues and Royals in 1992 but retained their separate identity and they continue to serve as a fully integrated part of the modern British Army, ready to deploy wherever they are needed.

To relieve members or former members of The Life Guards or their dependants who are in need by virtue of financial hardship, sickness, disability or the effects of old age by:

Making grants of money to them, or providing or paying for goods, services or facilities for them including education or training, or making grants of money to other persons or bodies who provide goods, services or facilities to those in need.

To promote the efficiency of the Regiment in any charitable way as the trustees from time to time may decide including, but not limited to:

Maintaining and promoting contact between serving and former members of the Regiment and providing for social gatherings for them, fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of the Regiment and perpetuating its deeds and preserving its traditions; providing and maintaining a memorial or memorials to those members of the Regiment who have died in the service of their country; advancing the education of members of the Regiment, promoting the advancement in life of members of the Regiment by the provision of assistance to enable such persons to prepare for or to assist their re-entry into civilian life.