Household Cavalry Regiment

Taking part in every major conflict since 1660

The Household Cavalry Regiment is a cavalry unit and the senior Regiment in the British Army. We have taken part in every major conflict since 1660 and this rich history and wealth of experience shapes who we are today.  

Whether mounted on the British Army's flagship new AJAX armoured fighting vehicle, or in past years on the back of a cavalry black horse, our soldiers are and always have been the very best at what they do.

Armoured Cavalry Regiment
As an armoured cavalry regiment, the Household Cavalry operates far ahead of the main body of friendly forces. Our role is to locate and report on the movement and disposition of enemy forces, and engage and destroy enemy reconnaissance elements that are seeking to do do the same. What you will find from Household Cavalry soldiers are men and women with the ability to think and adapt, displaying exemplary levels grit, discipline and skill.

In 2014, the Household Cavalry Regiment was re-designated from a Brigade Reconnaissance Regiment to Armoured Cavalry as part of the Army 2020 reforms. The Household Cavalry Regiment's task is to provide timely and accurate information and intelligence to the Brigade Commander in order to enable decision-making. The regiment is under the command of 1st Deep Reconnaissance Strike Brigade Combat Team and in May 2019 moved from Combermere Barracks to the new, specialist build barracks, Powle Lines, in Bulford Camp.
Our HCR Legacy
The Household Cavalry Regiment's legacy dates back to 1660 and is formed from four antecedent regiments, The 1st Life Guards, 2nd Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards, and 1st (Royal) Dragoons. In 1922 the 1st and 2nd Life Guards amalgamated forming The Life Guards (LG). In 1969 the Royal Horse Guards and 1st (Royal) Dragoons amalgamated to form The Blues and Royals (RHG/D). In 1992, the LG and RHG/D where joined in union to form the Household Cavalry Regiment as we know it today, serving together but with each maintaining their own distinct regimental identity, uniforms, and traditions.

Since 1992, the Household Cavalry Regiment has continued to serve with distinction both at home and abroad: In the Yugoslav Wars over a nine-year period; in 2002 during the Fire Brigades Union strike; as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and in June 2007 on Op TELIC 10; on multiple deployments to Afghanistan as part of Op Herrick 4, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 18; And more recently deploying on Operations ORBITAL, ELGIN and TOSCA.

Gold Stick and  Colonel of The Life Guards - Lt Gen Sir Edward Alexander Smyth-Osbourne KCVO CBE

Gold Stick and  Colonel of The Blues and Royals - HRH The Princess Royal KG KT GCVO QSO

Silver Stick and  Colonel of the Household Cavalry - Brig Mark Berry QCVS

Current Commanding  Officer - Lt Col Roly J Spiller

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